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Telehealth Services to Expand for Children in Rural North Carolina Schools (May 2022)

Learn more about how a $100,000 grant from the Baxter International Foundation will address pandemic-related needs and improve access to evaluation and treatment in McDowell and Avery Counties.

These Four Telehealth Changes Should Stay, Even After the Pandemic

(May-June 2021)

Read more from our Medical Director, Dr. Steve North, to learn how the national COVID-19 crisis has proven that telehealth can transform access to care.

Telehealth Services and COVID-19 Response Efforts to Expand for Children in Rural North Carolina Schools (April 2021)

Learn more about a grant awarded to expand telehealth services to children in rural NC schools.

Health-e-Schools provides health services to students via telehealth using video conferencing and special equipment. (October 2019)

Read more from The Rural Health Information Hub about the Health-e-Schools program and The Center for Rural Health Innovation within western North Carolina.

Too sick for school? Telehealth programs take 'guesswork' out of whether a student should go home (May 28, 2019)

Read more to find how Telehealth is benefitting schools, and the impact Health-e-Schools is having on the students in McDowell County, NC.


What is Health-e-Schools? (February 2019)

View this video from our Executive Director, Amanda Martin-North to learn more about our Health-e-Schools program and its benefits.

School-based Telehealth: A New Approach to Improved Outcomes in Rural NC Counties (January 2015)

Learn more about how The Center for Rural Health Innovation reaches out to students via teleconference in three Western North Carolina counties.

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