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The Center for Rural Health Innovation (CRHI) has opened two community health clinics, which are available to area residents no matter their insurance status. After several years of planning and attempts to find funding and a reasonable, sustainable structure for the program, the Tipton Hill Clinic, located in Mitchell County, finally opened in early 2017. The Buladean Community Health Clinic is now open in 2023 in partnership with the Buladean Community Foundation. Within these clinics, area residents can receive acute care, such as cold, flu, strep and COVID tests. They can also be seen for minor injuries rather than having to visit urgent care centers, which helps to lower patient costs and free up those centers for more emergency related treatments. Issues relating to diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and anxiety can also be treated at the clinic. 

Click the button above to access the Enrollment Form. Enrollment forms must be completed in order to be seen by a Health-e-Neighbors Nurse Practitioner. Appointments can be made by contacting the clinic nurse or sending an email directly to:

Health-e-Neighbors Staff


Vicki Garland, Telehealth Logistics Coordinator,

Tipton Hill Clinic, Buladean Health Clinic

Thank you to our Health-e-Neighbors partners for their continued support!

The Tipton Hill Community Foundation

Buladean Community Foundation

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